Mens Unicolour Socks

Pánské jednobarevné ponožky


Want to have a lifetime discount?

  1. Even at a business meeting you can wear the right colours. Just put on a pair of colourful socks that liven up your outfit and a boring meeting becomes a little brighter in an instant.
  2. But if you're the type that prefers unicolour classic, you can find a wide range of classic socks in dimmer colours right below this text.
  3. Are you planning to wear them with your business outfit? Then you should know that if you choose a pair of socks in the same colour as your trousers, your legline will seem to have become longer and the result is going to look great! Thanks to an immediate dispatch (in 24 hours) you'll have them before you even know it! 

Why own them?

  1. Nothing beats classic high quality socks, made by Polish brands who know their business!
  2. These socks are made of flexible material and noone can't deny their high quality.
  3. These socks can also be perfectly combined with other Basic pieces.


  Pánské barevné ponožky