Mens Low Cut Socks

Pánské kotníkové ponožky


Want to have a lifetime discount?

  1. Mens low-cut socks are a great choice when you're about to do sports or just to take a walk through the streets.
  2. Low cut socks from our range are made by a Polish comany called Derby, who sees quality only as its priority. Nothing beats owning several pairs of high quality low cut socks and being able to feel sure that there's always a spare pair of socks in your drawer to grab!
  3. Also, you should take the same responsible approach towards getting your boxer shorts. Underwear might be an invisible part of your outfit, however, you should keep in mind that better safe than sorry. And for all you impatient ones: we dispatch in 24 hours!

Why own them?

  1. Some parts of the socks, such as the tip or the heel are reinforced to ensure they won't wear off easily.
  2. Firm material that loses none of its features over time.
  3. Easy to combine with other Streetwear pieces. 


  Pánské veselé ponožky