Lunch Bags

Svačinové tašky  

Hear that? It's the bell ringing recess! And if it's not the schoolbell, it's your phone ringing. And who's calling? Oh, mum again! Again, she is charmed by your perfect sense of forgetting snacks she so thoroughly prepared the night before. We know that regular plastic bags are not cool enough to get your attention in the morning. And how do we fight that? Get a snack bag that will catch your eye with its unique design. ;) And if you're a solo unit and you make your snacks yourself, and you're looking for something to make your tasty meals feel good, you're in the right place! Admit it, your snack couldn't have asked for a better transport! And if you register, you automatically get 3 % off.


Why own them?

• They have a wide bottom so a snackbox will fit in just fine.
• They're made of quality neoprene and won't get soaked in the rain!
• And if something seems a bit off, you can get them exchanged for free.
• We dispatch in 24 hours.

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